Hunting territories


Hunting in AUSTRIA since 1950

Alpine territories:

For our hunting clients we have hunting areas in the Alpine Mountains in the proviences of Carinthia and Styria. Our areas in the Alpine territories are privat owned.
The vegetation in the mountains are mainly spruce, larch, and pine. The mountains top is grasland with sharp rocks to the top. Our areas have a size from 1400 - 6.000 acres and consists a good developed road network. The areas are developed with many high seats (blinds).
The following animals are available: Chamois, Red Stag (mountain), Ibex Alpine, Roe Deer, Capercaille, Black Grouse and Marmot.
In some areas we have Wild Boars, Brown Bears and Lynx.

Accomondation: Manorhouse, 4star hotels and hunting cabines.

Danube territory:

In the provinces of Burgenland and Loweraustria we have hunting estates and free range areas. One of this areas is the famouse hunting area Punitzerwald.
The vegetation is pine and oak forest land with many beautiful grassing lands and fishing ponds. Inside of the forest the terrain is light hilly with a very good road network. The hunting area is well known and famous for big trophy Red Stags, Moufflon Rams and Fallow Deer. Next to these species you can hunt also for Sika Stag-, Wild Boars and Roe Deer in this area. From November to mid January we offer traditional high quality driven Wild Boar hunting. In Hungary we have some exclusive hunting areas under contract. Here we do mainly hunting for big Roe Deers, driven Wild Boar and high quality bird hunting.

Hunting Season:
Chamois: July to December
Alpine Ibex: September to December
Moufflon: July to December
Red Stag : Fallow- and Sika Deer : August to December
Roe Deer: May to October

Springtime: March to June, 10-20 degree Celsius
Summer: June to September, 20-30 degree Celsius
Autum: September to December: 10 to -10 degree Celsius
Winter: December to March : -15-10 degree Celsius

For Roe Deer min. 5.6mm
For Wild Boar, Fallow Deer, Red Stag, Ibex and Moufflon min 7 mm
For Chamois min 6 mm
For Driven hunts on Wild Boars we recommend cal. with min 8 mm
For Game Birds: 3-4 mm shotgun cal. 12, 16 or 20 , depending on animals

How to get there:
Target airports are Klagenfurt and Graz. Both can be reached from various international destinations. Guests will be collected from the airport and than taken to the hunting grounds by car.
In order to enter Austria you need a valid passport. US Citizens need not to apply for Visa. NON US Citizens have to apply for Visa at the Embassy of Austria in their particular country.

FSME , please asked your DR MED.!

Sight seeing / wellness / skiing etc.
Austria is ideal for family vacation

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. Accompanying persons and children are much welcome.
We like to organise round trips to the many sights like Vienna, Salzburg, Venice, Budapest , Triglav National Park and National Park Hohe Tauern a.s.o. Visit concerts, opera, museums, Spanish horse riding school a.s.o..

Other free time activities next to hunting:
In summer:
Fishing, Climbing, Hiking, Rafting, Canyoning, swimming, Bungee jumping, Water skiing, Tennis, Golf, Mountain Biking, Quad tours, Kite – and Windsurfing, Sailing a.s.o.

In Winter:
Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross country Skiing, Sledging, Ice Skating, Tennis, Hiking a.s,o.

Trophy handling:
After the hunt ,all your trophies will get shipped to our taxidermist in Austria , Normally every hunter will meet him after the hunting

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He will do the dipping & packing or preparation of your trophies. He will also organise the shipment to your home country and organise the important and necessary documents.